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Posted 03.06.19

Don’t miss: Chloe Hodgkinson speaking at our next Open Day

By Lauren Taverner Brown

From presenting at the London Marathon to travelling to Sri Lanka and Thailand as a personal trainer, Plymouth College of Art alumni Chloe Hodgkinson has had an exciting first half to 2019.

After graduating from our BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing degree in 2017, Chloe has been carving out a career in the world of health and fitness blogging and vlogging, working with Pro:Direct FIT as a producer, visiting launch events for brands like Nike, Adidas and Reebok, shooting and creating content for the Pro:Direct website and social channels.

We’re very excited to welcome Chloe back to Plymouth College of Art on 15 June 2019 to give a talk to prospective students and their families and friends at our Open Day, so we caught up with her for a lowdown on her year so far...

We last interviewed you at the start of this year - what has been the highlight of 2019 for you?

Wow, that’s a big question. I guess there are two things that really stand out to me. The first is finally going live, as we’ve worked so hard on it, but also I got asked to be a trainer out in Sri Lanka and Thailand for New Horizon Escapes which is mega exciting.

Travel images from Chloe's Instagram @chlohodgkinson

That sounds incredible! What else have you been up to?

I’ve recently just finished working at Balance Festival, which is a big one for Pro:Direct FIT. It’s a London-based health & fitness festival that we exhibited at. It was such a great weekend, with lots of our key consumers attending, and right up my street because it is all about health and fitness! In terms of previous events, I went out to Paris with Adidas earlier in the year for the launch of the Ultraboost 19. We were flown out and taken to a warehouse which was full of huge activations surrounding the latest launch - we got to interview the designers and speak to key influencers. The next day we all went on a 5k run and taken for a three course meal. Our job at the event was to create content for our Pro:Direct sites, and make the shoe look as cool as possible.

We know you create amazing content for Pro:Direct for your day job, but what is the biggest personal project you’ve got on at the moment?

#ProjectBecomeGoodAtShit is a big focus for me at the moment - that’s really personal. I’m training to be able to do really cool stuff like handstands, the hardest part of it is finding the time to practise! As well as this, I’m back doing personal training, and am working on ways to help more people feel the best they can through improving their energy. That’s where my passion lies, I want everyone to feel the very best they can, because that’s where you can achieve even better things.

This sounds amazing - can you tell us a bit more about this personal project?

So #ProjectBecomeGoodAtShit is a project where I’m focused on me and bettering myself. I encourage everyone to jump on this, it’s my way of carving a little section for myself away from diet culture that still includes health and fitness. So many people now think that going to the gym and eating healthy is simply to change your body. That’s not the case with me and my clients. I say to them, “Let’s get better at something.” Once you channel your mind on progressing at becoming better at things, your mind thanks you. I even encourage this outside of health and fitness goals - you might want to become better at playing an instrument… but I guarantee that if you have a healthy and fit body you will be even better at playing that instrument because your body and mind is thriving.

A selection of some of Chloe's meal posts from her Instagram @chlohodgkinson.

You’ve got over 3.5k followers on your own instagram account now, and as well as a lot of posts that are really kick-ass motivational and positive, you often post about food, and how it’s really important to have a healthy relationship with eating - so what’s your current favourite post-training meal, drink or snack?

Oooh that’s a tough one. I’m not a typical personal trainer/gym goer, as my food is really varied and I love adding funky flavours together. I’m big on eating for energy and making yourself feel incredible. Post-workout, it’s vital that I have protein and carbs for recovery and to replenish my muscles… So I’ll eat something like roasted chicken marinated in Nando’s sauce with roasted sweet potato and salad, or roasted chicken with roasted veg! My favourite treat is even harder for me to choose, I guess it would have to be Loving Earth chocolate, or something higher-end - I’m dairy intolerant and am a sucker for over-priced treats like chocolate, they just feel mega indulgent.

Are there any sports or training regimes out there that you haven’t tried but you’d like to have a go at?

I’ve tried pretty much most things but I’d love to get into gymnastics more and also circus training!

So you’re headed back to the college to give a talk to our prospective students at our next Open Day. What was your main reason for choosing Plymouth College of Art for your degree?

I went to London Fashion Week the summer beforehand, and I fell in love with the media and craziness but I just didn’t want to move to London. Plymouth College of Art was perfect for that, it kept my foot in the crazy world of London and fashion while being in beautiful Devon. It’s the same with my job (Pro:Direct are based in Newton Abbot), I have a London based job without the craziness of London and with amazing beaches - manifesting works.

What was one of the most positive things you learned from your time studying here?

Follow what aligns with you, not with what the masses are doing, then you really can achieve anything. In the creative world, your uniqueness plays in your favour.

And finally, what’s your best memory from your time studying?

It was when I started my final major project actually. I would get up and sit at my desk from 8am-8pm because I loved every single second. My heart was on fire, it didn’t feel like work. It felt like I was finally working from the heart. That’s the best feeling, and saying this has just reminded me of that, so thank you!

Make sure you catch Chloe’s talk at our next Open Day on 15 June 2019. Click here to book your place now.