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Posted 10.06.19

DEGREE SHOWS - Game Arts and the determination to succeed

By Phillip Buchan

BA (Hons) Game Arts student Jack Dowson honing his skills at home

For the 2019 Degree Shows, Jack Dowson has created a stone golem as part of ‘Rubble Riot’, a concept design for an arena rock-fighting game utilising harvestable character parts and AI procedural generation. Optimised for in-game engine use, Jack’s rock golem was created using 3DS Max, Substance Painter and Vray.

Digital 3D artist Jack Dowson, who is preparing to graduate from our BA (Hons) Game Arts programme, credits his success to his decision to complete an additional preparatory year at the college as part of a four-year Extended Degree.

"The support that I have received here has been exemplary."

– BA (Hons) Game Arts student Jack Dowson

Jack said: “In the past, I found that my autistic spectrum condition led to a very linear way of thinking that inhibited my creativity. For this reason, I chose to study Game Arts as part of a four-year Extended Degree that would give me the foundation required to get the most out of my university experience. That initial year gave me the confidence and determination to succeed at degree level; placing my creations in a framework that made sense to me and helping me to imbue purpose, story and meaning into my art.”

“Despite unrelated personal problems that I’ve overcome alongside my time at the college, the support that I have received here has been exemplary. I’ve already secured invaluable work commissions within the games industry and learned skills that I never would have thought possible. Although my primary focus now is on creating digital 3D content, I very much enjoyed the Drawing for Games and more conceptual elements of the programme, particularly the life drawing.”

“I’ve learned that I love to work in 3D, creating reproductions of objects as accurately as possible to create a realistic look. This is a skill that can be applied to other specialisations such as architecture and product design; expanding the scope of my employability. For the Degree Shows 2019 however, I’ve created something more stylised in the form of a stone golem, part of an arena rock-fighting game concept utilising harvestable character parts and AI for procedural generation to create unique visuals.”

“Alongside looking for additional work as a 3D environment artist, I intend to progress towards Masters-level study to develop my skills further. Before joining Plymouth College of Art I didn’t think it would be possible to hone my skills to such a professional level.”

You can see more of Jack's work by visiting his website or ArtStation account.