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Posted 15.12.16

Course leaders give top tips on preparing your Post-16 portfolio

By Sarah Packer

Looking to study on one of our Extended Diploma programmes?

We know it can be a daunting task preparing for an interview, so we caught up with some of our Extended Diploma course leaders – amidst the excitement of interview weeks and applications – to find out their top tips on the application process.

Steven Forsyth — Extended Diploma Graphics, Illustration & Game Arts

“Show a variety, don't be afraid to bring work in that you are not happy with or that is a work in progress, we want to hear about your thought process so plan to talk about your work. What’s its purpose? Why does the subject matter interest you?”

“I like to follow K.I.S.S. - in other words, Keep It Simple Stupid - don't try to over-complicate your work.”

Madalaine Blyth — Curriculum Manager for Art

“Editing is key - don't overfill your portfolio, select strong pieces which you will be able to talk about.”

“Show a range of skills, we want to know what you can do and what you are interested in and don't hide the journey - bring in sketchbooks, preparation drawings, planning etc so we can see your processes and problem solving.”

“Don’t underestimate the importance of good eye contact,  tone  of voice, body language and a smile in the right place.”

Tobie Loates — Extended Diploma Photography

“We like to see about 15-20 pre-selected images, pick your strongest work but make sure there is as much variety as possible.”

“You can bring your work in an organised folder, printed, on a memory stick or in a social media gallery.”

Tim Dickinson — Extended Diploma Creative Media Production

“Don’t underestimate the importance of good eye contact, tone of voice, body language and a smile in the right place.”

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Deciding where to study is a really big decision, our interview days are throughout the year, but if you haven't made your choice yet then don't worry we still accept and interview applicants throughout the year – providing we have places.  

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