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27.02.19, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Vision, Space and Equality: Plymouth and the Planned City

Join us on Wednesday 27 February for a talk by British writer and journalist, Owen Hatherley, discussing Plymouth's legacy and the sweeping changes it undertook following the damage from WW2.

There are many cities in Britain that were heavily replanned and redesigned after war damage, but in few of them were the changes so sweeping as in Plymouth. Nor were any so classical, with the new city on a clear symmetrical axis to the sea, lined by stone-clad and monumental buildings, making this Britain’s only real cousin to the grandiose neoclassical rebuildings of devastated continental cities like Le Havre, East Berlin, Warsaw or Minsk.

This talk from Owen Hatherley will compare Plymouth with these contemporaries, both in the way it was replanned and in the way these cities function now - from preservation to destruction, from renovation to dilapidation, from coherence to messiness, from mainstream commercial thoroughfares to underground cult spaces. Through this, we might get some sense of what Plymouth could do to build on, rather than destroy, this dramatic legacy.

What: Owen Hatherley — Vision, Space and Equality: Plymouth and the Planned City
When: Wednesday 27 February, 5.30-6.30pm. Free & open to the public.
Where: Studio Theatre at Plymouth College of Art

  • Artist Talk / Gallery
  • Studio Theatre at Plymouth College of Art
  • FREE