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Undergraduate Interviews 2019

Your UCAS application will tell us about your qualifications and previous experience, but studying the arts is about more than can be captured on forms. We need to find out about your creative potential, your abilities and idiosyncrasies, so we invite you to attend an interview and to show a portfolio or showreel of your work. Treat it as a chance to tell us about your aspirations, and why you want to study at the college. It is also a good moment to find out what we can offer you.

We know that it’s likely to be a busy time for you, so if you can’t make it to our campus, we’re happy to offer you an online interview – call our admissions team on 01752 203400 or email for more information.

We’re looking for students who want to succeed, work hard and who’ll be committed to the course, as well as for evidence of subject knowledge in the area you’re looking to study. This could be shown through your research into artists, designers, makers and their work. We’ll ask you to talk in detail about one piece of your work, but we want to see it all.

Download our guide to putting together your portfolio or showreel here, you can also read our top tips article here. Don’t forget to include your notebooks and sketchbooks – we’re not just interested in the finished product – we want to know how you got there.

For the academic year 2019/20, we will be offering you the opportunity to attend an interview between 23 January and 16 February 2019. If you make your application by the UCAS deadline of 15 January 2019, you should expect to be interviewed during this time. You can choose your own timeslot online, and book in for a tour of our facilities if you want to.

Whilst most of our interviews run on weekdays, there will be a limited amount of interviews available on Saturdays. From 20 February 2019, our interviews will run on Wednesday afternoons. If you are unable to attend any of our scheduled interview slots, please contact admissions on

You may want to do some basic research on our website about the course you’re applying for before arriving and make note of any questions that you might have. We’ve given you a few examples below, but feel free to ask anything that you’re curious about!

Example questions:

  1. What opportunities are there for working directly with industry?
  2. How many contact hours (direct face to face time with a tutor) will there be?
  3. What types of employment have alumni gone into after this course?
  4. What costs can I expect during the course? We offer bursaries to all our home students to help with this - you can find out more here.
  5. Is there any reading I should do before the start of the course?

After your interview:

We”ll let you know the outcome through UCAS Track, so keep an eye out for notifications. We may make you a conditional offer  – check back with us if you don’t understand the conditions and we’ll be happy to help. If you’ve demonstrated exceptional creative potential at interview, then we’ll make you an unconditional offer – this means that your place with us is safe – all you need to do is choose us as firm and carry on working hard if you’re currently studying for a qualification.

If you have any questions about travel, parking or staying overnight or what you can expect in an online interview, please give us a call on 01752 203400 and we will be happy to help.

And finally… our interviews are relaxed and friendly, so try not to be too nervous!

We’re excited to meet you and learn about your creativity, so remember to bring your portfolio or showreel.

What: Plymouth College of Art Undergraduate Interviews
When: January 2019 onwards
Where: Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place Campus, Plymouth, PL4 8AT

  • College Event
  • Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth, PL4 8AT