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Plymouth College of Art at FutureLab Shanghai 2019

Making Learning: What’s Your Proposition? | FutureLab | 26 November - 1 December 2019

The 2019 Art and Design Innovation Future Education Expo ("The Education Expo/FutureLab") will be held at the West Bund Art Centre in Shanghai, China. During these seven days, expert instructors from top art schools and renowned universities in China and beyond will hold nearly 30 workshops to engage in dialogue with art and design enthusiasts.

Plymouth College of Art will construct an immersive art college experience in Stand E and F in Hall N3 at West Bund Art Centre. Each day 120 students and teachers (480 students over the week in total, between the ages of 6 and 16) will be offered the opportunity to explore different ways of learning through making in this environment.

The workshops will explore everyday living and making and will give both teachers and students the chance to anchor their understanding in a familiar activity, all transformed into art forms where art is not ‘about’ life, it is about living, responding to the ten propositions for creative learning and social justice.

1. Film screening: get a glimpse into life at an art school
2. Coming To The Table: MA graduate Caroline Wilkins will be lino printing with visitors, using cross-cultural food and the setting of a table, to explore cultural and social common threads.
3: Our Home: MA graduate Florence Newsome will work with ideas of city, home and shelter. Using a set of templates, each child will make a cardboard house to represent their ideas of home.
4: Let's Communicate: Using collaborative drawing and painting, Dr Stephen Felmingham will be encouraging visitors to look at scale and different ways of perceiving everyday tools.
5: Mini Me's: In this workshop run by Natalia Eernstman visitors will be creating miniature sculptures of themselves out of clay. A reflective process will guide them through sculpting with their eyes closed.
6: The Honeycomb Of Learning: As a way to look from six angles, students will be invited to record their day with words/marks/drawings/gestures on paper hexagons. These will then be stitched together to produce a honeycomb of learning, to be hung, as an evocation of new understanding, within the workshop area.

Over the course of four days, the results of workshops will begin to transform the workshop area into a ‘living’ art school. As the footfall of students and the record of their learning becomes visible, the workshop area becomes a tangible evocation for the Making Learning Symposium on the 30 November and offers the visiting public a dynamic picture of the potential of creative education. Sunday 1 December will be an exhibition morning, where the students are invited to visit to see their work and share their experience with their family.

What: Making Learning: What's Your Proposition?
When: Monday 25 November to Sunday 1 December 2019
Where: West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai

  • Research / Talk
  • West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai