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25.10.14, 10:00am - 2:00pm

The Big Draw: Young Arts Club Takeover

On 25 Saturdays each year, young artists aged 4-18 are busy creating great work at Plymouth College of Art as part of Young Arts Club. From games design to glass, we do all sorts on Saturdays. 

On Saturday 25 October 2014, we are offering you a snapshot of what our Young Arts Club students get up to as our students join in a celebration of drawing as part of the world's largest annual drawing festival, The Big Draw .

Outside the Lines (4-8 year olds and their parents) worked on drawings around this year's Big Draw theme "It's Our World" which is a celebration of our environment – of urban, rural and coastal landscapes. Our other student groups worked off-theme and you will see below the many different ways in which drawing skills can be applied. Here is what happened...

Outside the Lines worked from images gathered through Google Earth. Parents traced around their children on a sheet of paper and then they worked together to fill the outline with illustrations of their local landscape.

Saturday Arts Club 9-11 Group A started off by studying objects through still life drawing. They then took their understanding of objects from 2D into 3D by creating hats and headdresses.


Saturday Arts Club 9-11 Group B were exploring graphic design. Using "Knock Knock" jokes, they explored letterforms and decorative elements to create posters.

Saturday Arts Club 12-13 Group A were painting with light. Using torches and glow sticks on a long exposure in a darkened space, cameras capture the trails of light created by the moving light sources.

Saturday Arts Club 14-18 Group A began with paper-based self-portraits and then created three-dimensional drawings using string. 

Saturday Arts Club 14-18 Group B were working on digital drawing for computer games. Students were creating characters and game environments.

National Art&Design Saturday Club explored mark-making with a variety of textured surfaces such as lace and mesh which they milled onto copper and then shaped into a bangle.

Young Arts Club students work with professional designers and artist-educators to explore sound, photography, video, glass, ceramics, printmaking, text, puppetry, performance, software skills, illustration, bookbinding, graphic design, branding, hatmaking, textiles and fashion. They experience traditional techniques right through to the latest FabLab technology and create work to commission and for sale. Young Arts Club provides the antidote to school: a dynamic and inspirational environment for the artists and designers of tomorrow to flourish.

For more information on Young Arts Club, visit the Young Arts Club courses section of our website.

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