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Posted 29.09.14

BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate selected for KARST’s Graduate Residency Scheme

Charlie Wildy, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Congratulations to BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate Charlie Wildly who has secured a place on KARST's prestigious graduate residency scheme.

KARST's graduate scheme aims to support the transition of Plymouth students from study to professional practice. Over three months two graduates get the opportunity to immerse themselves in a contemporary, professional environment, where they are encouraged to develop work and successfully engage in artist-led practice.

We caught up with Charlie on her first few days at KARST to see how she's doing.

Hi Charlie, a huge well done! What appealed to you about KARST's graduate scheme?
I applied for the scheme because it’s a really good opportunity to get a residency straight after graduation. I also wanted to work in a gallery setting to work out how they operate. There are lots of studio spaces here, so working alongside professional artists is an added benefit that has helped to maintain my focus after study.

So what are you doing in the gallery today?
I’m having an admin day, so nothing too exciting! I’m going through open call applications for an upcoming show, writing a business plan for my future as a self-employed artist, and I might do some painting this afternoon.

KARST, exhibition space

What is the space like? And what do you like about the space so far?
I get on really well with my studio mate, Rosie. She is from Plymouth University. It’s a very healthy environment to be in; everyone is really encouraging. The 24 hour access is great, there’s always someone around. I like that, if I was so inclined, I could come and work from 3am until 3pm. It’s a relief because after finishing my degree, I went back to painting in my bedroom, which was difficult.

Now that there's a whole summer between you and your time at college. Have you had time to look back on your degree? Do you miss it?
I have, and I look back on my time at Plymouth College of Art fondly. I was really lucky to work with the guys that taught me; they were all such great tutors and they really pushed me. After being out education for so long – I worked in call centres for ten years – going back to college was quite scary, initially. I started my course with loads of people who had come straight from college and I felt like the token “mature student”. There was also an enduring crushing doubt of my work and whether it was good enough. But slowly, I learned that feeling is normal. 

Find out more about Charlie's work by visiting her tumblr page here: