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Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris completed her BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2011 at Plymouth College of Art. After completing an MA in Contemporary Art Practice she set up with her studio in Devon.

In 2015 she was commissioned to create an artwork on permanent exhibition for the Invisible You: the Human Microbiome show at the Eden Project, Cornwall. Rebeccas work has been on show in many regional exhibitions and makes up part of some global private collections. Her Arts based research has been shared at conferences across the UK and she has published papers in the States. 

"My arts practice is mainly textiles and I am interested in exploring to what extent the medium can enable audience engagment through affect. I make work about the body and the viewer's body, in how they perceive the work, is a considered aspect of what I do. Humor and craft feature heavily. Since owning my own body in 1977 I have both struggled and savoured navigating myself through how it perceives and is perceived. From puberty, weight gain, pregnancy, weight loss and gain again, it has been interesting traversing these experiences and how they influence my work. In the last few years, since returning to Fine Art studies at Plymouth College of Art, I became further obsessed with how I can use it not only as the subject of my work, but also as a tool in perceiving the work"