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Kelly Card

Kelly Card, BA (Hons) Illustration graduate, completed her degree in 2017 and feels that her time at the College shaped her as an Illustrator.

‘I loved my time at Plymouth College of Art, without my degree I wouldn’t be the Illustrator I am now, my style completely changed as a result of my three years of study. ’

‘We were always allowed to experiment and encouraged to try anything we desired; the practice of ‘giving anything it a go’, was my favourite part about the course.’

Coming to the end of her degree, Kelly wasn’t sure what type of Illustrator she wanted to be as she enjoys so many different styles and approaches to illustration.

In her 3rd year at the College, Kelly had the incredible opportunity of exhibiting her work at New Designers, the prestigious annual Design exhibition in London; as a result she was offered a two week internship with Hallmark. ‘Initially I was completely overwhelmed at being offered the placement, but the experience has allowed me to reflect and realise that I’d like to work as an in-house Illustrator.’

‘I’m currently working freelance and engaging with online zines to get my work promoted. I think social media and networking is extremely important when starting out and I’m regularly posting new work to maintain my audience.’

Kelly is currently working on completing her mental health zine ‘Grow’, with Pylon Press, following its showcase at New Designers and the Plymouth College of Art degree show. In addition, Kelly is busy working on two books she intends to promote in 2018.

You can see more of Kelly’s work via the links below.