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Elena O’Neill

Elena O'Neill, Illustrator and Pattern Designer specialising in watercolour, graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration.  During her time at Plymouth College of Art, Elena was supported to develop all areas of her work.

‘I was encouraged to push myself and experiment in all areas of illustration as well as there being a strong focus on getting to know the business side of the creative industry.  This has really helped me find my own style, and has given me a great head start in setting up my own business.’

After graduating Elena was thrilled to be chosen to attend New Designers, which she describes as ‘a truly amazing experience’ which resulted in her dream internships at Hallmark cards and Moonpig. ‘Both experiences were so eye-opening and gave me a wonderful insight into the world of being an Illustrator.’

Elena is inspired by the shapes and patterns in everyday life; she prefers to use watercolour as she likes the freedom and uncontrollable element it provides, ‘it means that my work never turns out exactly how I expect, I love that.’  Elena likes to take a theme and explore it fully, creating several versions of the same object to really make the most of it and create variety and interest to her patterns.

Elena has now been running her own business for over a year, selling her work through her Etsy shop and other online sites.  ‘Sometimes I cannot believe how lucky I am to be a part of this amazing industry.’  

Elena’s future plans include expanding what she sells to include additional stationery products and creating more patterns.

For more information visit Elena’s Etsy shop at or follow her on Instagram @elena_oneill