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Matias Shortcook

Associate Dean Pre-Degree

With a passion for performance practice, Matias holds an MA Fine Art – specialising in sculpture and photography – and has worked in Further Education colleges across the UK, teaching photography and contemporary fine art. Interested in gender identity and postcolonialism, he’s also a Senior External Moderator for the University of the Arts London (UAL), working with other institutions to develop robust and contemporary creative curriculums.

“Our courses are amazing and they’re the best qualifications for students in the creative arts, full stop, absolutely, definitively...and we’re one of the only places you can study them in the South West. Everything about the curriculum here is about how each student creates their own individual place, not how they fit into what we’re doing.”   

“If you feel you can be creatively dangerous as an individual, then this is the place for you. Our job, our absolute dedication, is to help you through that in a positive and supporting way, but you should be excited about uncertainty and risk.”