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Facilities + LABs

Some say that true craftsmanship is no longer to be found in the world of handmade things. The tendency is for the traditional crafts to lose their place in the bigger scheme of things, if only because they take up lots of floor space and need specialist teaching and dedicated technical staff. Plymouth College of Art is bucking the trend.

Here, we continue to invest heavily in new studios and workshops that redefine the relationship between media, fine art, digital technology and handcrafted traditions.  

And it's not just about crafts. We offer the richest, most diverse ecosystem of materials, technologies, processes, practices, and exchange of ideas of any art school in the UK. And that synergy gives us a certain kind of energy.

We provide space, equipment and – crucially – the technical help to make full use of this for students across all of our creative programmes. Our 13,000 square meters of studios and workshops across four buildings are kitted out with professional workspaces and state of the art facilities.

Our city-centre campus is a thriving creative hub of collaboration and innovation, thinking and making. A close knit community where artists, designers and makers combine, it’s a place to explore and experiment with processes and materials, both contemporary and traditional.

Workshops are open to students across specialisms. Fashion designers collaborate with filmmakers, fine artists with photographers, animators with ceramicists. The opportunities for cooperation and exchange are endless, and open for discovery. We actively encourage you to use areas and communal space to curate and exhibit work collaboratively or individually and in various 2D, 3D, 4D and digital formats. Becoming part of our interdisciplinary learning community offers you a diverse and challenging environment in which to develop your thinking and practice.

Workshop Wednesdays

We are firm believers in an open door policy, so students across all areas of the college can use equipment and facilities across campus. Workshop Wednesdays, our rolling programme of creative workshops, takes place on a non-curriculum day where no classes are scheduled, so the day is kept open for all students to explore skills outside their usual programme of study by choosing from a rich menu of workshops, led by our expert technical staff.


Our LABs are open access resources that support your learning and facilitate skill acquisition in response to your ideas and research. During your time at the college you’ll work primarily within a studio-based environment supported by an exciting and diverse range of media and production facilities. Each LAB holds a set of skill specific workshops which encourage exploration and choice, as you think through materials, processes and their applications. Our aim is to enable flexibility and mobility towards cross-disciplinary exchange at all levels.

Take a look at the facilities, LABs and resources open to our students across all programmes and throughout all areas below.